Employee Introduction

My name is 237 and I joined the company in December 2023 as a mid-career hire.
This time, I would like to introduce a little about myself, what led me to join the company, and my impressions afterwards!

Reason for joining the company

After graduating from school, I worked as a sales clerk for a company that manufactures precision parts for automobile parts and home appliances.
During that time, I want to go out more and talk to more people! This feeling became stronger, and I decided to change jobs to sales because I wanted to try my hand at IT, which I had always been interested in.
I chose Dandelions because I was attracted to its personnel evaluation system and the ability to communicate with employees a lot.
After that, I applied to Dandelions and am currently working as a sales representative in the business management department.

Impressions after joining the company

Since joining the company, I have had many new discoveries and experiences.
I started traveling around the office in sales and had meetings with salespeople from various companies to discuss work and meet salespeople I had in common with, so it was a bit of a test of energy, but it was very rewarding. I am enjoying my work.
In addition, the company environment is very interesting, and one of the characteristics of Dandelions is that about 40% of the employees are foreign nationals, and I enjoy every day being able to learn about the cultures and ways of thinking of different countries.

About my hobbies

I am working hard to “Oshikatsu” in my daily life.
Through Oshikatsu, I go to Tokyo and Osaka for live performances and performances, and go to cafes with friends I’ve made through Oshikatsu.
In Tokyo, you can find Korean gourmet food in Shin-Okubo, stylish cafes in Omotesando, and in Osaka, try takoyaki and kushikatsu in Dotonbori! ! I eat a lot of different things, so when I got home and stepped on the scale, I cried when I realized that I had gained weight.

I increase my motivation for work through pushing activities.

Why not try Oshikatsu to relieve stress or spend some meaningful time at a cafe?

Please enjoy the next employee introduction♬