We went glamping by the sea!

Hello, this is Yamaguchi from Unit 0.

We went on a company trip on October 27-28, 2023.
In 2023, the event was held in two sessions for each section.
Members at Dandelions could participate in both if they payed the participation fee, and it turned out to be a fun trip with almost everyone participating this time.

The destination was Noma’s “Wood Design Park Noma”.

When you arrive and enter your room, a stylish room with an ocean view.
Everyone was so excited and was taking lots of photos.

We played in the sea and took pictures until dinner.
Although it was October, the temperature was warm and the sea water was just right. I was planning to just lightly wet my feet, but some people were completely absorbed in it.
Some people said “I might be doing the most summery thing this year!” and I had a great time.

The long-awaited dinner!

In the mountain part, there was a lot of meat, but this time we were in the sea part, so there was a variety of seafood. We enjoyed delicious meat, seafood, and alcohol. But on the way there was heavy rain and thunder. Everyone hurriedly evacuated the food and had a hurried dinner.
But it’s also a good memory.

After returning to our room, we held a surprise! On this trip, there were members whose birthdays were on the same day and we all celebrated.

Such an happy expression on his face!

At night, we talked and played games together in our rooms.
There was also a place where you could make a bonfire outside, so we were able to have some fun together.

This year’s company trip was held with the theme of “glamping”. I enjoyed both the mountains and the sea.

Where will the company trip take place in 2024?
I’m looking forward to it!

Please look forward to the next blog.