We went glamping by the sea!

Hello, this is Yamaguchi from Unit 0.

We went on a company trip on October 27-28, 2023.
In 2023, the event was held in two sessions for each section.
Members at Dandelions could participate in both if they payed the participation fee, and it turned out to be a fun trip with almost everyone participating this time.

The destination was Noma’s “Wood Design Park Noma”.

When you arrive and enter your room, a stylish room with an ocean view.
Everyone was so excited and was taking lots of photos.

We played in the sea and took pictures until dinner.
Although it was October, the temperature was warm and the sea water was just right. I was planning to just lightly wet my feet, but some people were completely absorbed in it.
Some people said “I might be doing the most summery thing this year!” and I had a great time.

The long-awaited dinner!

In the mountain part, there was a lot of meat, but this time we were in the sea part, so there was a variety of seafood. We enjoyed delicious meat, seafood, and alcohol. But on the way there was heavy rain and thunder. Everyone hurriedly evacuated the food and had a hurried dinner.
But it’s also a good memory.

After returning to our room, we held a surprise! On this trip, there were members whose birthdays were on the same day and we all celebrated.

Such an happy expression on his face!

At night, we talked and played games together in our rooms.
There was also a place where you could make a bonfire outside, so we were able to have some fun together.

This year’s company trip was held with the theme of “glamping”. I enjoyed both the mountains and the sea.

Where will the company trip take place in 2024?
I’m looking forward to it!

Please look forward to the next blog.

Engineer’s blog Introducing Outsystems and API.

Hello everyone, this is Ien from Unit 1. For this engineer’s blog, I will introduce what I learn on a daily basis.

This time, I’m using Outsystems to create an API.

Overview of Outsystems and APIs

What is Outsystems? What is API? I think there are people who will ask those questions.

OutSystems provides high-performance, low-code and cloud-native development platforms for forward-thinking enterprises globally.

API is an abbreviation for “Application Programming Interface”. Simply put, it refers to an interface that connects software, programs, and web services.

RestAPI is provided as an extension service of Outsystems. RestAPI is a type of program calling convention (API) for externally using a web system. Use RestAPI to expose methods that allow another system to retrieve or manipulate information.

How to create an API

I would like to introduce what I have created to help you learn more about Outsystems and the API.

To turn your company’s attendance system into a smartphone app using Outsystems, you will need an API that can be called from the app. So I created an API using the RestAPI service provided by Outsystems. The APIs called by the app are attendance information registration and annual leave registration.

In this article, we will introduce how to create a RestAPI service and RestAPI method in Outsystems.

・First, create a blank app.

① Start Outsystems and click “New Application”.

② Select “From scratch” and click “Next”.

③ Select “Reactive Web App” and click “Next”.

④Write the app name and Description and select “Create App”.

⑤ You have created the app.

⑥Click “Create Model” to open development tools etc. I became the catcher below.

・Next, follow the steps below to create a RestAPI service.

① Open the Integrations folder on the [Logic] tab.

② Right-click [REST] and select [Expose REST API…].

③ Set the name of RestAPI.

・Next, create a RestAPI method.

① Right-click the created RestAPI service and select [Add REST API Method].

② Set the name of the RestAPI method.

Example: GETRegisterUser

Double-click the creation method to display the API logic description.

This is the logic of the GETRegisterUser method.
Annual leave and attendance information will be displayed, and by pressing the annual leave, attendance, and attendance buttons, you can register the input information in the DB.

My inpressions

Since I had never touched the API in the past, I started from 0 this time. There were a lot of things I wasn’t sure about, but by looking up information on the internet and solving them one by one without panicking, I was able to complete the process. Thanks to this attendance system coordination assignment, I was able to learn about the field of API and accumulate new knowledge and skills, which was a great learning experience for me.

Next time, I would like to explain the contents of the method I created. looking forward to!

In-house study session: Low-code development experience using Outsystems

The theme of this in-house study session is “Low-code development experience using Outsystems.”
I am “TT” from Unit 2.

Outsystems has been featured frequently on engineer blogs, but we held a study session for those with no experience to try it out and deepen their understanding.
Additionally, this time we had members who had experience developing with Outsystems participating, and we could see their high level of interest.

The flow of this study session is as follows.

① Basic learning by watching videos

② Obtain a development account

③ High-speed development experience using scaffolding function

①Basic learning by watching videos

First, to look back on what I’ve learned so far, I watched learning videos provided by Outsystems official website.
The learning videos above are part of a training course, and review questions are provided at the end of each section to help you check your understanding.

A look at the study session. They were listening to the learning video with great interest.

② Obtain a development account

After that, we created an account for each participant in order to actually proceed with the development at hand.
By creating an account, a workspace is created in the cloud area, so individual development is possible by installing the development tool ServiceStudio.

③ High-speed development experience using scaffolding function

After setting up the environment, we demonstrated the development.

Here, we had students experience development using the scaffolding function of Outsysmtes.

This function is an Outsystems development assistance function that automatically creates templated list/detail screens based on entity (table) definitions that have been created in advance.
The existence of this feature allows Outsystems to create general master/detail screens much faster than with scratch development.
One member of the team who has actually done scratch development for web applications said, “It was more than I imagined that something that would have taken two to three days to do by hand could be done with such simple operations”.

In conclusion

This study session was mainly aimed at members who had no experience developing with Outsystems, so the learning content was mainly basic.
In the future, we will gradually step up the learning content, including screen development with Outsystems without using the scaffolding function,“batch data import/output function” and “utilization of the open source library “Forge”. We plan to continue learning about practical content.

Please look forward to the next study session article.

In-house event introduction

Hi, this is “Chen” from Unit 1! I am in charge of introducing this event.
I would like to introduce the Dandelions year-end report presentation held at the end of November 2023. I would like to talk about what each section introduced, their plans for next year, and my impressions. This term, reports have been made in sections.

Section 0

Section 0 consists of Unit 0 (WEB Design) and Unit 3 (Cloud Infrastructure). Let’s start with unit 0. The main contents are as follows.
• Website trend survey
• Recruitment site: https://dandelions.co.jp/recruit/
• Corporate site: https://dandelions.co.jp/

Dandelions’ web site

The keyword for Unit 0 is web design, so we introduced recent trends in web design, as well as updates to the Dandelions recruitment site and corporate site. The newly created homepage is very stylish and beautiful!

Introducing the latest ransomware

Section 1

The first section consists of Unit 1 (AI) and Unit 2 (low code). The presentation contents of the first unit are as follows.
• Introduction of the card game “Hello World”
• Introduction to AI image recognition system
• Lucky Box: https://luckybox.jp/ec/

The keywords for Unit 1 are AI and big data. This term’s deliverables were an AI image recognition system and an AI battle card game called “Hello World” that combined AI and big data. AI image recognition is a technology that uses an image recognition system trained in advance by the user to identify objects on a smartphone or computer. Although it is still under development, it is a technology that can be used in a variety of situations, so I have high expectations for it. Also, at the recital, we scanned the QR code and actually played the “Hello World” card game!

EC sites using AI image recognition system

Section 2

The presentation contents of Unit 2 are as follows.
• Attendance system changed to OutSystems
• About attendance app API
• Discussion (operation feel/requests)

Unit 2 is primarily responsible for developing internal attendance management systems. When using the attendance management system that everyone is already using, we listen to opinions such as what features they would like to add, and add various functions. You can now enter attendance at any time.

Image on smartphone

Next term plans

At this term-end report meeting, each unit presented their achievements for this year. I also set goals for what I would do from the next term onwards. Until now, development has been carried out by taking advantage of the characteristics of each unit, but as the next agenda item, we are aiming to first complete the deliverable. Once the deliverable is completed, the different parts are linked together to create a single deliverable. For example, with conventional attendance entry systems, if an employee forgets the password for their computer or tablet, they may not be able to enter attendance. However, by introducing an image recognition system, security can be strengthened as authentication is performed using biometric information such as an employee’s face or fingerprint.


I felt that the efforts of Unit 0, such as introducing trends in web design, were useful in improving the impression both inside and outside the company. I also think that introducing updates to the recruitment site and corporate site is effective for recruitment activities and branding.
I felt that the efforts of Unit 3, which is in charge of internal infrastructure construction and security, are making a significant contribution in invisible ways. I also think that the members of the third unit are a great source of support for the members of other units.
I think the AI image recognition system and the AI battle card game “Hello World” are both technologies that can be expected to play an active role in the future. In particular, I think AI image recognition systems have the potential to be used in a variety of situations. I also think that the AI battle card game “Hello World” has the potential to be used for a variety of purposes, including education and entertainment.
I think that adding functions to the in-house attendance management system and supporting attendance input using smartphones are good initiatives that will improve convenience for employees. In particular, inputting time and attendance using smartphones may contribute to reforming the way employees work.

That’s all for today’s introduction. Please look forward to the next company event introduction!

New Year’s Greetings & Diversity of Dandelions

Happy New Year!

Thank you very much for your continued support. We will continue to strive to further improve our services this year, so we appreciate your support!

We entered our 7th season last year, and Dandelions has been steadily growing, albeit little by little. We are looking forward to a very exciting year as we gradually increase the number of employees and work on business plans.


Impact of COVID-19

The world has faced great difficulties due to the effects of the new coronavirus. Dandelions was no exception to this great difficulty.

At Dandelions, we have prepared a secure network environment as an approach to telework since our founding, so setting up infrastructure for telework was not a problem.

What became difficult was “conveying information correctly”. When there was a high level of concern about the new coronavirus, the means of sharing information were online meetings, texts such as emails, and indirect sharing through managers.

Although we were able to communicate using any means of information sharing, there were many cases where the information was not conveyed correctly. There have been times when things have not been communicated correctly, leading to major misunderstandings.

Dandelions’ diversity and member cooperation

However, once we realized that the information was not being communicated correctly, we were able to immediately take measures to improve communication. I believe that one of the reasons we were able to improve the accuracy of information sharing and overcome the challenges was the diversity of our human resources and the cooperation of our members.

Dandelions has human resources gathered not only from Japan but also from various countries and regions such as the United States, France, the Czech Republic, Nigeria, China, and Vietnam. Each person has their own culture and values.

In order to understand diversity, we take cross-cultural communication and communicable Japanese training, including our non-Japanese members, and are working on communicative communication.

Within the company, we communicate and respect different cultures and generate new ideas and perspectives. We were able to improve the accuracy of information sharing by applying the consideration of diversity among our members to information sharing.

Thinking about growth and customer satisfaction through teamwork

I believe that by working together, we were able to accomplish things that we could not do alone. Even during the coronavirus pandemic, we worked hard every day to meet the needs of our customers.

We believe that the fact that we have been able to earn the trust and appreciation of our customers is the result of our teamwork.

This year, we aim to grow even further. To achieve this, we need to further deepen our diversity and cooperation, and we need to always put customer satisfaction first. The Dandelions aim to be united towards this goal.


Last but not least, for everyone, I sincerely hope that this year will be a wonderful year.
We appreciate your continued support of our company.
Thank you very much.

Engineer Blog: Creating app icons with CLIP STUDIO PAINT

As an engineer blog, I would like to introduce the learning content that I am working on.
This time, I will introduce how to create app icons using CLIP STUDIO PAINT, a software specialized for illustration and manga production.


CLIP STUDIO PAINT is a paid software, and there are mainly three types.
・CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX: For those who want to use it not only for illustrations and web design, but also for manga production.
・CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO: For those who want to use it not only for illustrations and graphic art, but also for web design, etc., and for those who do not create manga.
・CLIP STUDIO PAINT DEBUT: For those who want to use it only for illustration and graphic art production.

If you would like to know more, please click the link below:

The one I use is CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX, so this time I will introduce the functions installed in CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX.

How to create an “app icon”

The icon I created this time is as follows.

I will now introduce the specific production steps.

1. Launching a new canvas
This time, after creating the icon, I was told that I would be resizing it to various sizes and using it, so I prepared it a little larger and with a 1:1 ratio.

2. Design
I used the following tools to create the design.

① Fill in the background with the fill tool
Personally, I wanted to design with the base color + white logo, so I used the background color fill tool to fill the entire canvas with color.

With this fill tool, if something is drawn on the canvas, you may not be able to fill it in the way you want unless you specify settings such as “Refer only to editing layer” or “Refer to other layers”.
This time, since the canvas was blank, this specification was not necessary, so I will omit it.

② Prepare the text that will become the foundation of the design using the text tool
This time, I used the TA Maru Gothic GF03 font, which is provided by default in CLIP STUDIO PAINT.

Fonts downloaded from external sites can also be used within CLIP STUDIO PAINT by clicking [Add font from file] from [Tool properties] under [Text] and selecting the font file you want to add.
*When downloading from external sites, please check if the font can be used commercially before downloading and using it.

➂ Do modifications based on the font prepared in ②
Lower the opacity of the font layer prepared in ② and make changes as shown below.

④ Hide the original font layer
Once the design is complete, hide the original font.
You can delete the layer, but it is useful to have it hidden when changing or retaking the design, so it is convenient to leave it hidden.

3. Save
Even if you save it as is, it will be saved as a CLIP STUDIO PAINT file, so use Save a Copy (or Save As) to change the extension and save it as an image.

That’s all!

Look forward to the next engineer’s blog!

Employee Introduction

Hi, I am “Pump Muscle” in charge of the redaction of this employee Presentation. This time, I would like to talk about why I joined the company and my impressions after joining it.

First of all, I would like to explain why I joined Dandelions. When I started job hunting, my first choice was to be an English conversation instructor. This is because it is the mainstream job in Japan for foreigners whose first language is English. In fact, many of my foreign acquaintances also work in English-related fields. The reason I did not apply for an English conversation teacher position but for an IT job was a casual remark from a girlfriend. “Since you are good at computers and interested in IT, why don’t you apply for an IT job?” When I heard this, I thought, “I want to continue working and living in Japan and there is a shortage of IT personnel. If I can get a job in the IT field now, there will be many more possibilities for me in the future. I want to acquire more skills and experience and become a person in demand.” From there, I applied to several IT-related companies. As I was interviewing for Dandelions, I felt the warm atmosphere of the company and decided that it would be great to work with them. It has now been 4 years since I joined dandelions.

I would like now to talk about my impressions after joining the company. Dandelions has a warm and fun atmosphere, and I feel like all the employees and their superiors get along pretty well. Moreover, there are regular drinking parties and company trips, which allow all employees to deepen their relationships.

This is a picture that I am really fond of taken on the last company trip.

I am currently in my 4th year at dandelions, and I still have a lot to learn, and I often stumble, but we have created a positive environment and deep relationships. Therefore, it is easy for employees to talk to each other, and when I need help, I am always supported by my reliable boss and colleagues. I hope to continue to create a better working environment with everyone I work with.

Recreation: “BBQ & Physical Exercise”

At Dandelions, we regularly hold “recreation” events to deepen friendships among our employees!

I am “Joji” from the third Unit. In this article, I would like to leave behind the gradually getting colder season and talk about this year’s warm and dazzling midsummer, and introduce the “recreation” the third Unit hold. On July 28, 2023, we gathered at the Shonai Ryokuchi Park and enjoyed BBQ and did some physical exercise. The main person in charge of this event was “Kuroma”.

For the BBQ, “BBQ CANVAS Shonai Ryokuchi” helped us and prepared the BBQ site, equipment, and food, and we only brought in additional food. It was so much fun grilling and eating delicious meat and vegetables together! By the way, I recently learned the word nomikeshon (mix of the Japanese verb nomu which means “to drink”, and the word komyunikēshon, “communication”) and I thought that a tabenikeshon (mix of the Japanese verb taberu which means “to eat”, and the word komyunikēshon, “communication”) like this one would be enough to deepen our friendships.

The BBQ site
Grilling meat 🍖

The physical exercises were all kinds of games. For example, we played “Daruma-san ga Kotta” (the Japanese equivalent of the “Red light, Green light” game), and as a summer game, we also split watermelon. (Personally, I felt like “Oh, it’s summer in Japan!”)

Before splitting the watermelon…
…After splitting it!🍉

After the BBQ was over, we cleaned up the site and moved to the grassy area of the Shonai Ryokuchi Park, where we played dodgeball and other activities.

Just before we start playing dodgeball

Looking back on it now, several months later, it was a really fun event. As a member of the third Unit, which hosted the event, I was really glad that the weather was sunny and there were no major problems.

This is not the last Dandelions event, so stay tuned for the next one!

Employee Introduction

I am “Michi” and I will introduce myself in this post!
My last post (here) was in October 2020, so it has been about 3 years since I last posted. Time passes quickly.

Current work

I have been working with my current client since June 2020. I was mainly responsible for system maintenance, but now I am participating in development projects.

My daily schedule looks like this:

09:00: I start working
09:15: Meeting within your company
09:30: Meeting for the entire customer team
12:00: Lunch break
13:00: I restart working
13:05: Development PJMT (onsite)
14:00: Development PJMT (offshore)
18:00: End of my day

Currently, I work from home 4 days a week and go to work once a week. Recently, development has reached a climax, and we have many meetings. In between meetings, I receive deliverables from offshore and test them, and develop on-site batch functions. When I want to exercise, I go to the gym during my lunch break.

I moved

I moved in July of this year. There are various points to consider when choosing a place, such as rent, area, conditions of the building itself, etc. What do you guys prioritize?
Apart from the points mentioned above, my deciding factor was that there was a supermarket nearby. If I were in the past, I do not think I would have paid much attention to this point. I am sure this is due to the fact that I had more opportunities to cook at home due to the coronavirus.
The neighborhood seems to be a quiet residential area, but there is a school nearby. When I hear the lively shouts of students as they work in club activities or physical education classes, I feel a warm feeling of youth.

The view from my balcony

I went to Ise

I went to visit Ise-Jingu for the first time in a while.
I was blessed with good weather, and visiting the temple felt very refreshing. I always forget the etiquette of washing my hands and visiting the shrine, so I imitated what other worshipers were doing. I bought an amulet to ward off evil spirits at the Kagura Hall in the Naiku. (Next year is supposed to be a “harbinger of a great disaster” for me, according to the mae-yaku belief in Japan).
Afterwards, I went to Okage Yokocho to eat while walking and had a great time.

Picture I took from the opposite shore of Okage Yokocho

Please look forward to the next employee introduction!

Internship Experience Story ② August 2023

In August 2023, we held an internship with two Japanese students and four international students. In this article, we will introduce the experiences of the participants.

Nepali international student (man)

The internship at Dandelions was a very enjoyable experience. I met people from various countries and became friends with them. At the same time, I learned a lot as an intern. Participating in this internship training provided me with an opportunity to learn business manners necessary in the world of work. I studied computer science in high school and came to Japan to study in 2019. I am currently studying IT as a student at Aichi Sangyo University.

On the first day of the internship, we had to decide on captions for the LINE stamps of the company. I experienced working as a group, which was really interesting. Next, we worked on making our own business cards. We had to write a short self-presentation, including our past, present, and future. It was not easy to compile information about myself, but thanks to that, I was able to know more about myself.

Translating stamps

On the second day, we had to taste sweets we bought and to write our impressions for the EC site. I learned that tasting the sweets and writing reviews about them was to make it easier for customers to understand what flavor, texture, aroma the sweets have.   

Gathering impressions of the sweets

On the third day, we practiced exchanging business cards, which is not really something that you learn at school. After that, there was an explanation about web design. I had studied web design and HTML at school, but the explanations given during the internship were completely different from the ones given by school teachers who were limited to books. In the afternoon, we worked on creating personas and creating a website. I usually do presentations and university assignments by myself, but it was also a great experience to create something with my fellow interns.

Web design meeting

Korean international student (woman)

I participated in this internship with the goal of experiencing something new. I was nervous as it was my first internship, but I had a great time working with other interns and discussing about not only IT-related knowledge but a variety of things.

On the first day, we decided on the captions for the LINE stamps. Some captions came to mind right away, while others did not, but after thinking about it as a group, we were able to decide on captions that were suitable for the stamps.

Deciding on captions for the LINE stamps

On the second day, we did a test experience. The test consisted on checking if a website was working properly or not. It was a good opportunity to understand the importance and the difficulty of website testing.

Doing the test experience

On the third day, we did web design. I realized that marketing research and persona setting are important before starting a design. Through group discussions, we worked on creating a persona that could convey the charms of the Tokai region. Although there were some tasks that required specialized knowledge, I believe that by working together as a group, we were able to create a highly complete web design.

Web design meeting

The Dandelions internship was filled with new experiences, and I was able to achieve my own goals. I am glad that I was able to work on LINE stamps captions, web test, and web design, which I would not normally have the opportunity to.

Vietnamese international student (woman)

On the first day, we received an explanation of the internship

In August 2023, I participated in an internship with Dandelions. This experience was very meaningful and I learned a lot.

First of all, the actual work experience not only allowed me to implement the knowledge I had learned at school, but also provided me with practical knowledge that could not be learned from textbooks or classes. During the practical experience, I understood the importance of project progress management and team cooperation, and had the opportunity to improve my problem-solving skills during the week’s work.

On the second day, we tasted sweets and summarized our impressions on the EC site

Additionally, through communication with team members and supervisors, I learned the importance of manners and professionalism as a worker. I realized that proper reporting, proposal-making, and collaborative skills are essential to success in a workplace.

On the third day, we practiced exchanging business cards

The internship at Dandelions was a big step in my career in Japan. It was an experience that bridged the gap between theory and practice in the field of IT management, exposed me to the latest trends and technologies in the industry, and gave me an opportunity to practice my skills. I am confident that this will lead to my future growth.