Tech Blog: ChatGPT-4o: OpenAI Unleashes New Possibilities for Innovative Conversational AI

As a technical blog, I would like to introduce the learning content that I am working on on a daily basis. This is the first unit on the theme of AI and big data. The theme this time is OpenAI’s latest model, ChatGPT-4o. For each section, we will have ChatGPT4o create images and image descriptions.

In the world of artificial intelligence, OpenAI has always been at the forefront of innovative advancements, especially in the field of large-scale language models (LLMs). The newly announced ChatGPT-4o represents a breakthrough in the field of conversational AI, introducing various enhancements that allow users to interact with language in unprecedented ways.

Unlocking the Power of ChatGPT-4o
ChatGPT-4o builds on the foundations of its predecessor, ChatGPT, and introduces a set of sophisticated features that take its capabilities to new heights. Let’s take a closer look at the key features that set ChatGPT-4o apart.

  1. Enhanced Speed ​​and Efficiency:

ChatGPT-4o runs twice as fast as its predecessor while cutting computational costs in half. This incredible efficiency translates into a smoother and more responsive user experience, especially when conducting complex tasks or long conversations.

  1. Expanded Message Limits:

Free users of ChatGPT-4o now have a 5x increase in message allowance, allowing them to interact with the model for extended periods of time without restrictions and explore its full potential. This answers the growing demand to freely explore language capabilities.

  1. Multilingual Mastery:

ChatGPT-4o transcends language boundaries, enabling seamless conversations across multiple languages. This multilingual capability allows users to engage in meaningful interactions with audiences around the world, fostering intercultural understanding and cooperation.

  1. Multimodal Integration:

ChatGPT-4o seamlessly integrates text, audio, and visual data for a more comprehensive and immersive conversational experience. This multimodal capability opens new avenues for creative expression, knowledge exploration, and interactive storytelling.

Explore the applications of ChatGPT-4o
ChatGPT-4o’s enhanced features empower users across a range of sectors to explore its potential.

  1. Content Creation:

ChatGPT-4o can be a powerful tool for content creators, generating a variety of creative text formats, translating languages ​​accurately, and creating engaging content that resonates with audiences.

  1. Education and Learning:

In the education sector, ChatGPT-4o innovates the learning experience by providing personalized instruction, answering questions in an informative manner, and generating summaries of complex topics. This personalized approach caters to individual learning styles and promotes deeper understanding.

  1. Business Solutions:

Businesses can leverage ChatGPT-4o in a variety of ways to enhance their operations. From developing customer service chatbots that provide 24/7 support to conducting market research analysis and generating compelling marketing copy, ChatGPT-4o streamlines business processes and drives growth.

Conclusion: A Look into the Future of Conversational AI
ChatGPT-4o marks an important milestone in the evolution of conversational AI, offering a glimpse into a future where humans and machines can interact with unprecedented levels of understanding and nuance. Its enhanced speed, expanded features, and multilingual capabilities will make ChatGPT-4o a valuable tool for individuals and organizations across sectors. As ChatGPT-4o continues to evolve, we expect to see even more groundbreaking applications emerge, transforming the way we communicate, learn, and create.

Employee Introduction


Hi, my name is Joseph from Dandelions. I’m a 27-year-old American who has been living in Japan for three years. I’m from Arizona in the United States. What is Arizona like? It’s a very hot area with large cacti. It’s known as one of the hottest areas in the United States, with temperatures exceeding 45 degrees in the summer and 35 degrees at night being the norm. As a result, it doesn’t feel “hot” unless it exceeds 40 degrees, and the summer in Japan is relatively comfortable. I have a variety of hobbies, but recently I’ve become obsessed with game development using a programming language called PYTHON.

Reason for joining the company

Before joining Dandelions, I worked as an English teacher and manager in Maizuru, Kyoto. In that position, I gained a lot of experience, not only teaching English, but also teaching new employees and junior employees in both English and Japanese, and managing operations. Through my work as a manager, I was also involved in schedule management, planning, and human resources, and I began to feel that this job was suitable for me in the future.

One day, a friend who works at Dandelions told me that the company was recruiting new members. After the interview, it became clear that working at Dandelions would allow me to utilize my experience and areas of expertise from my previous job. I was also attracted by the opportunity to try a technical job, so I decided to start a new career and a new life.

Impressions after joining the company

Since joining the company, I have had many wonderful experiences and acquired new skills. There are many skills I have acquired, but I would like to introduce three that are particularly important.

First, Japanese business manners and behavior. Before joining the company, I was unfamiliar with Japanese business culture and was anxious, but thanks to the careful guidance of my wonderful seniors, I learned how to exchange business cards, respond on the phone, and use honorific language correctly, and I was able to gain confidence.

Secondly, technical skills. After joining the company, I greatly improved my IT-related skills. For example, I learned web development technology and was able to be involved in building the company’s website. I also learned the application of programming and the basics of IT, and acquired skills that can be used in the industry.

In addition, my teaching skills have also improved. I work as a lecturer in the Learning Enterprise division. Before starting classes, I received a lot of training, and by actually participating in practice classes and lecturer training within the company, I was able to improve my abilities as a lecturer.

Not only did I acquire skills, but I also had many great experiences. I feel rewarded by being able to work in a great workplace every day and working with great colleagues. In addition to work, there are also many fun activities such as drinking parties and karaoke with all the employees, which are precious memories.

I feel really glad that I joined this company. I will continue to put in even more effort.

Recreation: Handmade gyoza party

Thank you for watching.

I’m Chen from the 1st unit, and I’m in charge of introducing this event!

I’m here to report on the cooking event that was held at the end of March 2024. The theme of this event was “Making delicious dumplings together.” We made both boiled dumplings and pan-fried dumplings, and enjoyed comparing the taste.

Preparing to make dumplings

First, the participants were divided into two groups. One group made gyoza skins, and the other made gyoza filling. The gyoza skin group kneaded the dough using strong flour and weak flour, let it rest, and then rolled it out into a circle to make gyoza skins. On the other hand, the gyoza filling group mixed minced meat and seasonings to make meat filling, which they then seasoned well.

We decided to use store-bought wrappers for the pan-fried dumplings, and focused on making the boiled dumplings by hand. Once everything was ready, we started to make the boiled and pan-fried dumplings. We boiled the boiled dumplings in a pot and ate them with soup. We steamed the pan-fried dumplings in a frying pan, and finished them off with sesame oil to add flavor.

After cooking was finished, everyone enjoyed the gyoza they had made. Homemade gyoza have a special taste, and making them together as a team made them even more delicious. Through this cooking event, all participants had fun while learning cooking techniques and had a fulfilling time.

Looking back on the cooking party

I would like to report on the overall impressions of the cooking event. This was our first attempt at a cooking event, and although there were many issues, we were able to make it a success. We would like to take everyone’s opinions into consideration and make the next event even better.

First of all, although we were in a hurry due to lack of preparation, we felt that it was a success in the end. Some people also felt that it was fun to work together as a team because there was a lot to do. Many people said that it was great that we were able to keep to the schedule even though it was our first cooking event. Some people also mentioned that they should have communicated each person’s duties more clearly. Others said that they learned how to make boiled dumplings, felt a sense of teamwork by working together, and that the food was delicious as good points. On the other hand, some people pointed out that the start time was later than scheduled and the importance of time management.

Future events mentioned include a mini 4WD tournament, a sports day, athletics, a picnic, and an amusement park. This cooking event was both educational and fun. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation. Let’s make use of the lessons learned from this event to make our next event even more fulfilling. We’re looking forward to our next event. If you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know. Finally, the content of this blog was written using ChatGPT.

That’s all for today’s introduction. Please look forward to our next in-house event introduction!

Employee Introduction

My name is 237 and I joined the company in December 2023 as a mid-career hire.
This time, I would like to introduce a little about myself, what led me to join the company, and my impressions afterwards!

Reason for joining the company

After graduating from school, I worked as a sales clerk for a company that manufactures precision parts for automobile parts and home appliances.
During that time, I want to go out more and talk to more people! This feeling became stronger, and I decided to change jobs to sales because I wanted to try my hand at IT, which I had always been interested in.
I chose Dandelions because I was attracted to its personnel evaluation system and the ability to communicate with employees a lot.
After that, I applied to Dandelions and am currently working as a sales representative in the business management department.

Impressions after joining the company

Since joining the company, I have had many new discoveries and experiences.
I started traveling around the office in sales and had meetings with salespeople from various companies to discuss work and meet salespeople I had in common with, so it was a bit of a test of energy, but it was very rewarding. I am enjoying my work.
In addition, the company environment is very interesting, and one of the characteristics of Dandelions is that about 40% of the employees are foreign nationals, and I enjoy every day being able to learn about the cultures and ways of thinking of different countries.

About my hobbies

I am working hard to “Oshikatsu” in my daily life.
Through Oshikatsu, I go to Tokyo and Osaka for live performances and performances, and go to cafes with friends I’ve made through Oshikatsu.
In Tokyo, you can find Korean gourmet food in Shin-Okubo, stylish cafes in Omotesando, and in Osaka, try takoyaki and kushikatsu in Dotonbori! ! I eat a lot of different things, so when I got home and stepped on the scale, I cried when I realized that I had gained weight.

I increase my motivation for work through pushing activities.

Why not try Oshikatsu to relieve stress or spend some meaningful time at a cafe?

Please enjoy the next employee introduction♬

Internship experience story from February 2024 ①

*We had an internship at our company in February and 4 Japanese students and 2 international students participated. In this article we will present the experiences of the participants.

American student (male)

My name is Joseph and I am an intern for February 2024. I would like to share my thoughts on my experience participating in a five-day internship at Dandelions. I would like to present in detail what I was able to achieve during this internship, the challenges I overcame, what I learned and what I can apply in the future.

First of all, I would like to present to you what I experienced during this internship. First, we created line buffers in four languages using AI. We also purchased products for a project called LUCKYBOX. After that, I had the opportunity to test the system and learn about professional etiquette and the correct way to exchange business cards. Finally, I also had the opportunity to gain experience in web design.

Next, I would like to introduce the challenges we overcame. I faced some challenges during this internship. For example, when choosing products for LUCKYBOX, we had to pay special attention to expiration dates and types of food because we were dealing with food products. After carefully considering each precaution, we were able to purchase a variety of sweets with no expiration dates. Also, I had some trouble operating the system when I was testing it for the first time, but following the guidance of my seniors, I was eventually able to test the system on three different browsers.

Then, I will share with you what I learned. What impresses me the most is how many different types of work are done in the same company. For example, I found it surprising and very interesting that system testing, line stamp creation, overseas sales, website design, etc. are all done by the same company. Another important lesson was the importance of business etiquette. As an American, I found Japanese business etiquette to be very unique and interesting, and it made me think about how it differs from business etiquette in America.

Chinese student (male)

I recently participated in an internship with Dandelions Co., Ltd. In this internship, I wanted to work hard with everyone to experience IT-related content and the atmosphere of the workplace, but I met people from other countries and it was a fun experience. .
On the first day, we first listened to an explanation of the content of AI generation. After that, you will experience generating phrases and images using AI. After exchanging opinions with everyone, we were able to decide on a stamp that was appropriate for the phrase. In the afternoon, I created a self-introduction using a mind map. I learned to think from keywords to concrete examples.

On the second day, we sampled the sweets we bought on the first day and made a block of impressions. I was worried about how to convey the characteristics of the sweets to people overseas. I participated in a test experience in the afternoon. I checked the data in different browsers and saved the original website photo as evidence. Although it was time consuming, I realized the importance of testing in order to ensure that the system operates according to specifications.

On the third day, we practiced exchanging business cards in 1-on-1 and 1-on-2 patterns. In the afternoon, I experienced web site design. We collected information while imagining the person on the persona sheet provided. We carefully selected the content to convey the appeal of the Tokai region to overseas visitors who are unfamiliar with it. In the end, a majority vote decided on the format of some of the designs. During this time, I realized the importance of communication.

Although it was a short time, I think it was a really good experience to be able to participate in the internship. Thank you for allowing me to learn about IT-related content and Japanese companies.

Japanese (female)

I participated in an internship in February 2024.

On the first day, we created LINE stamps, on the second day we experienced product testing, on the third day we exchanged business cards and created a website, on the fourth day we prepared a presentation, and on the fifth day we actually appeared in front of the employees. I gave a presentation.

When creating LINE stamps, I experienced using AI and was overwhelmed by the speed at which images and text were generated, but I was even more happy when the stamps were actually published on LINE.

During the business card exchange, on the first day, participants created a self-introduction using a mind map and created a business card with their self-introduction. I was reminded that by exchanging business cards and using the company’s name, I was working on behalf of the company.

When creating LINE stamps, I experienced using AI and was overwhelmed by the speed at which images and text were generated, but I was even more happy when the stamps were actually published on LINE.

During the business card exchange, on the first day, participants created a self-introduction using a mind map and created a business card with their self-introduction. I was reminded that by exchanging business cards and using the company’s name, I was working on behalf of the company.




















Employee introduction

I’m Omatsu, a member of the Business Management Department.
I would like to talk about why I joined Dandelions and my impressions after joining.

Career bakcground

I joined the company in November last year as a mid-career hire.
Previously, I worked for seven years as a sales clerk at a trading company that handled auto parts.

Reason for joining the company

I was planning to continue working at my previous job, but due to the effects of the coronavirus, my work style changed, and I became interested in the IT industry, which led me to change jobs.
There were many IT companies out there, but I applied to Dandelions because I was attracted to their evaluation system, which is posted on their website, and the atmosphere of the company. During the interview, I learned about the atmosphere of the company and felt more motivated to work there, which made my intention to join the company even stronger.

Impressions after joining the company

After actually joining the company, I feel that the work content and working style are new.
Thanks to the rough dialogue and communication, I am able to work in a safe and comfortable environment.
During work, I have quiet time, which makes it easier to concentrate and work. There are many new discoveries to be made in a global environment, and it’s really fun when it comes to communicating. I can learn about different ways of thinking and cultures through casual conversations, and I can also naturally remember the meanings of English words, so I feel that it’s not just a work environment, but a learning environment.

This is a photo of the brightly colored Jinmeji Kannon on a sunny day.


I am from Ama City, Aichi Prefecture.
The city was created 14 years ago by the merger of Jinmeji Town, Shippo Town, and Miwa Town. It’s not too rural, but it’s a place that is characterized by the fact that there isn’t anything that stands out. Sometimes it feels inconvenient, but I like that little bit of inconvenience! If I had to introduce it to you, it would be Jinmeji Kannon. During the New Year’s visit and Setsubun seasons, the area is crowded with people from the nearest station, Jinmeji Station. When I was in elementary school, I was able to leave school before the crowds on Setsubun Day, so I looked forward to going out with my friends.

It takes about 20 to 30 minutes from Nagoya Station, so if you have time, be sure to visit.
If there are no events going on, you can take your time and look around.
Personally, I would like you to visit during the lively times of New Year’s visit and Setsubun.

Last words

It’s been about half a year since I joined the company, but there are still many things I’m not used to and my days are exhausting. However, I am able to feel that it is more rewarding. There are many opportunities to interact with members who work at customer sites, and we have created an environment where you can quickly become familiar. Therefore, when I actually joined the company, I realized that it is a company that is very employee-friendly!

That’s all for now.
Look forward to the next employee introduction!

Employment placement manager training/dispatch agency manager training

The other day, I took a training course for job placement managers and dispatch agency managers, so I would like to introduce you to what the courses are like.

What is job introduction?

Our company is registered as a paid vocational business, and our business is to mediate between people looking for work (job seekers) and companies looking for human resources (recruiters). Additionally, as we are registered as a paid employment placement business, we receive commissions and compensation from job seekers. There are many rules for registering and updating your business as a paid employment placement business, so I would like to introduce some of them to you.

What is the employment placement manager training?

In the course I took this time, I learned about the rules that have changed due to recent legal amendments.
For example, it is called “Employment Congratulation Money”. In the past, it was considered undesirable to encourage job seekers to apply for jobs by offering them money under the pretext of doing so, but it has been prohibited since 2021 with the revision of the law.
Additionally, one of the conditions for becoming a person in charge is being an adult, but this has changed since 18 years of age became an adult from April 1, 2020.

If a violation of the law is found, you will be subject to administrative sanctions such as revocation of your license as a paid employment placement business or an order to suspend your business, so it is extremely important to act correctly and in accordance with the law. Additionally, if you fail to submit a report, your permit will be revoked as well, so you must be careful to submit a complete report.

Employment Placement Manager Course Confirmation Test

At the end of the course, we took a confirmation test consisting of 10 questions. I was worried about whether I would be able to pass the course because the course progressed so quickly, but I was able to successfully pass the test and receive a certificate of attendance. The certificate of attendance is for a period of five years, so I will continue to keep my eyes open and work hard to receive a certificate of attendance the next time I take the course.


I realized once again that I have to make sure that I don’t miss any information, as the information about legal reforms that I had somehow ignored often turns out to be extremely important for this project. By participating in this course, I was able to properly learn about the business content of job placement, and I learned that unless you always keep your eyes open, you cannot respond appropriately.

Next, I would like to introduce the dispatch agency manager training.

What is the dispatch agency?

Although we are registered as a paid employment business, we are also registered as a “worker dispatch” business. Mainly, business owners employ their own workers and have them work for the company they are dispatched to, receiving instructions and orders from the company they are dispatched to. In addition, it is a business that involves requesting money from the dispatched company in order to have the workers hired by the company work there.

Dispatch manager training

This time I attended a training course sponsored by Offers Co., Ltd. The main content of the seminar is the application of the Worker Dispatch Act and the Labor Standards Act, as well as the handling of personal information and the Worker Dispatch Act. Although some of the content was specialized, such as law, the lectures were given by experts in an easy-to-understand manner, citing specific examples and using them in conjunction with the handbook. When conducting a worker dispatch business, it is essential for dispatching agency managers to attend a training course.


When I first heard that I was going to take a training course for dispatch agency managers, I was nervous about what it would be like, but as I progressed through the course, I began to feel that I was deeply involved in the work that I was responsible for, and I started taking the training seriously. I was able to attend the lecture. The training for dispatch managers also involves the law, so I wanted to stay aware of news related to legal revisions in my daily life.
I was also able to learn more about the differences between dispatch and contracting, which I felt I would like to utilize in my work.

Look forward to the next blog! !
















今回は株式会社オファーズさん主催の講習会を受けました。講習会の主な内容は、労働者派遣法や労働基準法の適用に関することや、個人情報と労働者派遣法の取り扱いなどについてです。 法律など専門的な内容もありますが、具体的な事例なども挙げながらハンドブックと併用して専門家の方によりわかりやすく講義を行っていただきました。 労働者派遣事業を行うにあたり派遣元責任者の講習受講は必須不可欠ともいえます。




In-house study session: “The strongest encryption that can be used by ordinary people”

The theme of this in-house study session is “encryption.” The person in charge is Emu from the 3rd unit.
The 3rd unit is mainly responsible for infrastructure and security.

In recent years, we have heard of damage caused by cyber attacks in various forms, both for individuals and businesses.
If a company were to suffer damage, it could lead to a loss of trust from customers and a large amount of compensation, and in the worst case scenario, the survival of the company could be greatly affected.
Therefore, one way to protect important information and prevent leaks is to encrypt data and communication content.

There are many different types of encryption, and I learned how to encrypt disk files as one of them.

Study session title
What is encryption?
Study session scene

I studied VeraCrypt as an encryption software.
Encrypted virtual drive creation software.
“VeraCrypt” is software that allows you to create a “secret encrypted drive.”

VeraCrypt site
VeraCrypt encrypted hidden volume

I felt that the software I used this time was easy and safe to use when I had the opportunity to carry data around on a PC or external memory.

There are many other cases of encryption, so I would like to continue learning about them.