In-house event introduction

Hi, this is “Chen” from Unit 1! I am in charge of introducing this event.
I would like to introduce the Dandelions year-end report presentation held at the end of November 2023. I would like to talk about what each section introduced, their plans for next year, and my impressions. This term, reports have been made in sections.

Section 0

Section 0 consists of Unit 0 (WEB Design) and Unit 3 (Cloud Infrastructure). Let’s start with unit 0. The main contents are as follows.
• Website trend survey
• Recruitment site:
• Corporate site:

Dandelions’ web site

The keyword for Unit 0 is web design, so we introduced recent trends in web design, as well as updates to the Dandelions recruitment site and corporate site. The newly created homepage is very stylish and beautiful!

Introducing the latest ransomware

Section 1

The first section consists of Unit 1 (AI) and Unit 2 (low code). The presentation contents of the first unit are as follows.
• Introduction of the card game “Hello World”
• Introduction to AI image recognition system
• Lucky Box:

The keywords for Unit 1 are AI and big data. This term’s deliverables were an AI image recognition system and an AI battle card game called “Hello World” that combined AI and big data. AI image recognition is a technology that uses an image recognition system trained in advance by the user to identify objects on a smartphone or computer. Although it is still under development, it is a technology that can be used in a variety of situations, so I have high expectations for it. Also, at the recital, we scanned the QR code and actually played the “Hello World” card game!

EC sites using AI image recognition system

Section 2

The presentation contents of Unit 2 are as follows.
• Attendance system changed to OutSystems
• About attendance app API
• Discussion (operation feel/requests)

Unit 2 is primarily responsible for developing internal attendance management systems. When using the attendance management system that everyone is already using, we listen to opinions such as what features they would like to add, and add various functions. You can now enter attendance at any time.

Image on smartphone

Next term plans

At this term-end report meeting, each unit presented their achievements for this year. I also set goals for what I would do from the next term onwards. Until now, development has been carried out by taking advantage of the characteristics of each unit, but as the next agenda item, we are aiming to first complete the deliverable. Once the deliverable is completed, the different parts are linked together to create a single deliverable. For example, with conventional attendance entry systems, if an employee forgets the password for their computer or tablet, they may not be able to enter attendance. However, by introducing an image recognition system, security can be strengthened as authentication is performed using biometric information such as an employee’s face or fingerprint.


I felt that the efforts of Unit 0, such as introducing trends in web design, were useful in improving the impression both inside and outside the company. I also think that introducing updates to the recruitment site and corporate site is effective for recruitment activities and branding.
I felt that the efforts of Unit 3, which is in charge of internal infrastructure construction and security, are making a significant contribution in invisible ways. I also think that the members of the third unit are a great source of support for the members of other units.
I think the AI image recognition system and the AI battle card game “Hello World” are both technologies that can be expected to play an active role in the future. In particular, I think AI image recognition systems have the potential to be used in a variety of situations. I also think that the AI battle card game “Hello World” has the potential to be used for a variety of purposes, including education and entertainment.
I think that adding functions to the in-house attendance management system and supporting attendance input using smartphones are good initiatives that will improve convenience for employees. In particular, inputting time and attendance using smartphones may contribute to reforming the way employees work.

That’s all for today’s introduction. Please look forward to the next company event introduction!