New Year’s Greetings & Diversity of Dandelions

Happy New Year!

Thank you very much for your continued support. We will continue to strive to further improve our services this year, so we appreciate your support!

We entered our 7th season last year, and Dandelions has been steadily growing, albeit little by little. We are looking forward to a very exciting year as we gradually increase the number of employees and work on business plans.


Impact of COVID-19

The world has faced great difficulties due to the effects of the new coronavirus. Dandelions was no exception to this great difficulty.

At Dandelions, we have prepared a secure network environment as an approach to telework since our founding, so setting up infrastructure for telework was not a problem.

What became difficult was “conveying information correctly”. When there was a high level of concern about the new coronavirus, the means of sharing information were online meetings, texts such as emails, and indirect sharing through managers.

Although we were able to communicate using any means of information sharing, there were many cases where the information was not conveyed correctly. There have been times when things have not been communicated correctly, leading to major misunderstandings.

Dandelions’ diversity and member cooperation

However, once we realized that the information was not being communicated correctly, we were able to immediately take measures to improve communication. I believe that one of the reasons we were able to improve the accuracy of information sharing and overcome the challenges was the diversity of our human resources and the cooperation of our members.

Dandelions has human resources gathered not only from Japan but also from various countries and regions such as the United States, France, the Czech Republic, Nigeria, China, and Vietnam. Each person has their own culture and values.

In order to understand diversity, we take cross-cultural communication and communicable Japanese training, including our non-Japanese members, and are working on communicative communication.

Within the company, we communicate and respect different cultures and generate new ideas and perspectives. We were able to improve the accuracy of information sharing by applying the consideration of diversity among our members to information sharing.

Thinking about growth and customer satisfaction through teamwork

I believe that by working together, we were able to accomplish things that we could not do alone. Even during the coronavirus pandemic, we worked hard every day to meet the needs of our customers.

We believe that the fact that we have been able to earn the trust and appreciation of our customers is the result of our teamwork.

This year, we aim to grow even further. To achieve this, we need to further deepen our diversity and cooperation, and we need to always put customer satisfaction first. The Dandelions aim to be united towards this goal.


Last but not least, for everyone, I sincerely hope that this year will be a wonderful year.
We appreciate your continued support of our company.
Thank you very much.