Internal Study Session: About Monaca

I’m “xig” from Unit 0, and I’ll be writing this study session article.

The theme of this in-house study session is “Monaca.”

It’s a familiar topic in Unit 0, but we held the study session with the aim of allowing inexperienced people to actually try it out and deepen their understanding. I was the one teaching, but the number of people who participated was greater than we initially expected, so I was a little nervous.

The study session went as follows:

①Outline of Monaca

②Introduction to the environment

③Hands on actually trying out Monaca

Overview of Monaca

In the 0th unit, we used Monaca’s cloud IDE (browser-based development environment),
so we focused on that and explained what Monaca is and what it can do.

I’ve found the following three points to be useful when actually using it,
and I hope that the participants were able to understand them.

〇 Easy to get started with an internet connection

〇 Easy to check operation (on a browser or smartphone)

〇 Easy to publish to the store

Environment introduction

After I gave them an overview, I had them create an account to start using Monaca.
I also showed them an actual screen and explained what items are available.
I personally didn’t feel any resistance to it because the UI is similar to the integrated development environment I normally use, but what did you all think?


After the explanation, we did some coding exercises using Monaca’s sample programs. Monaca has pre-made templates, so this time we used the Todo app template, changed the background color, and added functions to add and delete database functions to actually create an app.


In this study session, we actually used Monaca to experience developing a simple app.

– I want to write a simple sample program, but setting up the environment is a hassle…
– I want to quickly develop an app for iOS or Android…
– I hope that when you feel like this, you will remember the exercises from today and put them to good use.

So, please look forward to the article from the next study session!