Recreation: Handmade gyoza party

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I’m Chen from the 1st unit, and I’m in charge of introducing this event!

I’m here to report on the cooking event that was held at the end of March 2024. The theme of this event was “Making delicious dumplings together.” We made both boiled dumplings and pan-fried dumplings, and enjoyed comparing the taste.

Preparing to make dumplings

First, the participants were divided into two groups. One group made gyoza skins, and the other made gyoza filling. The gyoza skin group kneaded the dough using strong flour and weak flour, let it rest, and then rolled it out into a circle to make gyoza skins. On the other hand, the gyoza filling group mixed minced meat and seasonings to make meat filling, which they then seasoned well.

We decided to use store-bought wrappers for the pan-fried dumplings, and focused on making the boiled dumplings by hand. Once everything was ready, we started to make the boiled and pan-fried dumplings. We boiled the boiled dumplings in a pot and ate them with soup. We steamed the pan-fried dumplings in a frying pan, and finished them off with sesame oil to add flavor.

After cooking was finished, everyone enjoyed the gyoza they had made. Homemade gyoza have a special taste, and making them together as a team made them even more delicious. Through this cooking event, all participants had fun while learning cooking techniques and had a fulfilling time.

Looking back on the cooking party

I would like to report on the overall impressions of the cooking event. This was our first attempt at a cooking event, and although there were many issues, we were able to make it a success. We would like to take everyone’s opinions into consideration and make the next event even better.

First of all, although we were in a hurry due to lack of preparation, we felt that it was a success in the end. Some people also felt that it was fun to work together as a team because there was a lot to do. Many people said that it was great that we were able to keep to the schedule even though it was our first cooking event. Some people also mentioned that they should have communicated each person’s duties more clearly. Others said that they learned how to make boiled dumplings, felt a sense of teamwork by working together, and that the food was delicious as good points. On the other hand, some people pointed out that the start time was later than scheduled and the importance of time management.

Future events mentioned include a mini 4WD tournament, a sports day, athletics, a picnic, and an amusement park. This cooking event was both educational and fun. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation. Let’s make use of the lessons learned from this event to make our next event even more fulfilling. We’re looking forward to our next event. If you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know. Finally, the content of this blog was written using ChatGPT.

That’s all for today’s introduction. Please look forward to our next in-house event introduction!