Introducing LuckyBox

What is Lucky Box?

Lucky Box is a subscription service that delivers special Japanese snacks to customers in the United States and France every month. Our team will hand-select the snacks and send them directly to you. Each month is different, so you can enjoy discovering new tastes.

Customers can choose from a one-time purchase or a multi-month prepayment option for 3, 6, or 1 year. Each plan allows you to enjoy snacks that reflect the seasons and culture of Japan, with new surprises every time. In particular, our snacks are mainly sourced from the Tokai region, a little-known area of ​​Japan, and it is a great opportunity to experience the unique flavors and aromas of this region.

In addition, this service is a great opportunity to feel closer to the taste of Japan from far away. Through Lucky Box, we introduce not only traditional Japanese flavors but also the latest popular snacks to customers around the world. Each plan is flexible to suit your needs, making it the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one. Try Lucky Box as a monthly treat.


The reason we started the Lucky Box project is that the Tokai region (Aichi, Gifu, Shizuoka, and Mie prefectures) is not well known overseas, resulting in a low number of foreign tourist visitors. In order to solve the deep problem of the region’s charm and culture not being fully recognized, we are actively promoting the Tokai region through Lucky Box. Our goal is to let people in the United States and Europe know about this beautiful region and increase local business opportunities. We hope that this initiative will raise interest in the Tokai region and serve as a catalyst for attracting more tourists. Introduction

Our website introduces a different Japanese snack in detail each month. Our blog provides detailed reviews and nutritional information on snacks selected by our team, which is a good reference for choosing which snacks. This makes it easier for customers to find snacks that suit their tastes and health. In addition, we publish video reviews on Instagram, where you can enjoy seeing the color, shape, and taste characteristics of the snacks firsthand. These videos make the appeal of the snacks feel closer to you.

Our website also has a wealth of information focusing on the charms of the Tokai region. The Tokai region is a region rich in nature and deep in history. By featuring snacks from this region, we are introducing the region’s specialties and culture widely. We also feature local anime, introducing how the culture and climate of the Tokai region are reflected in anime. Through this section, we are able to convey the unknown charms of the Tokai region to the world.

By using, customers will not only be able to find new snacks, but also gain a deeper understanding of Japanese culture and regional characteristics. We aim for our monthly deliveries to provide an opportunity for learning and discovery that goes beyond just food.

Use of SNS actively uses Instagram. We chose this because our target demographic, young people in their 20s and 30s who are interested in Japanese culture, frequently use Instagram. Instagram’s algorithm automatically recommends our content to such users, allowing us to reach our target demographic efficiently.

We post video reviews on Instagram every week, and provide content in English for our American account and in French for our French account. This allows us to take an approach that is tailored to the language and culture of each country, allowing us to reach more followers.

Our main content is snack reviews, and the style is light-hearted and humorous. This fun atmosphere gives viewers a positive impression and increases engagement. We hope that our videos will provide viewers with fun, which will spark their interest in our products and ultimately lead to purchases.

In this way, is spreading the appeal of its brand to young people around the world through Instagram, making Japanese snack culture more familiar to them.


Goals achieved by 2024:

Create a functional website with a polished design.

Create social media accounts to promote the project.

Be active on a regular basis, posting videos on Instagram every week and updating the blog every month.

Goals to achieve by the end of the year:

Increase the number of buyers.

Grow your influence on social media.