Employment placement manager training/dispatch agency manager training

The other day, I took a training course for job placement managers and dispatch agency managers, so I would like to introduce you to what the courses are like.

What is job introduction?

Our company is registered as a paid vocational business, and our business is to mediate between people looking for work (job seekers) and companies looking for human resources (recruiters). Additionally, as we are registered as a paid employment placement business, we receive commissions and compensation from job seekers. There are many rules for registering and updating your business as a paid employment placement business, so I would like to introduce some of them to you.

What is the employment placement manager training?

In the course I took this time, I learned about the rules that have changed due to recent legal amendments.
For example, it is called “Employment Congratulation Money”. In the past, it was considered undesirable to encourage job seekers to apply for jobs by offering them money under the pretext of doing so, but it has been prohibited since 2021 with the revision of the law.
Additionally, one of the conditions for becoming a person in charge is being an adult, but this has changed since 18 years of age became an adult from April 1, 2020.

If a violation of the law is found, you will be subject to administrative sanctions such as revocation of your license as a paid employment placement business or an order to suspend your business, so it is extremely important to act correctly and in accordance with the law. Additionally, if you fail to submit a report, your permit will be revoked as well, so you must be careful to submit a complete report.

Employment Placement Manager Course Confirmation Test

At the end of the course, we took a confirmation test consisting of 10 questions. I was worried about whether I would be able to pass the course because the course progressed so quickly, but I was able to successfully pass the test and receive a certificate of attendance. The certificate of attendance is for a period of five years, so I will continue to keep my eyes open and work hard to receive a certificate of attendance the next time I take the course.


I realized once again that I have to make sure that I don’t miss any information, as the information about legal reforms that I had somehow ignored often turns out to be extremely important for this project. By participating in this course, I was able to properly learn about the business content of job placement, and I learned that unless you always keep your eyes open, you cannot respond appropriately.

Next, I would like to introduce the dispatch agency manager training.

What is the dispatch agency?

Although we are registered as a paid employment business, we are also registered as a “worker dispatch” business. Mainly, business owners employ their own workers and have them work for the company they are dispatched to, receiving instructions and orders from the company they are dispatched to. In addition, it is a business that involves requesting money from the dispatched company in order to have the workers hired by the company work there.

Dispatch manager training

This time I attended a training course sponsored by Offers Co., Ltd. The main content of the seminar is the application of the Worker Dispatch Act and the Labor Standards Act, as well as the handling of personal information and the Worker Dispatch Act. Although some of the content was specialized, such as law, the lectures were given by experts in an easy-to-understand manner, citing specific examples and using them in conjunction with the handbook. When conducting a worker dispatch business, it is essential for dispatching agency managers to attend a training course.


When I first heard that I was going to take a training course for dispatch agency managers, I was nervous about what it would be like, but as I progressed through the course, I began to feel that I was deeply involved in the work that I was responsible for, and I started taking the training seriously. I was able to attend the lecture. The training for dispatch managers also involves the law, so I wanted to stay aware of news related to legal revisions in my daily life.
I was also able to learn more about the differences between dispatch and contracting, which I felt I would like to utilize in my work.

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今回は株式会社オファーズさん主催の講習会を受けました。講習会の主な内容は、労働者派遣法や労働基準法の適用に関することや、個人情報と労働者派遣法の取り扱いなどについてです。 法律など専門的な内容もありますが、具体的な事例なども挙げながらハンドブックと併用して専門家の方によりわかりやすく講義を行っていただきました。 労働者派遣事業を行うにあたり派遣元責任者の講習受講は必須不可欠ともいえます。