Employee Introduction


Hi, my name is Joseph from Dandelions. I’m a 27-year-old American who has been living in Japan for three years. I’m from Arizona in the United States. What is Arizona like? It’s a very hot area with large cacti. It’s known as one of the hottest areas in the United States, with temperatures exceeding 45 degrees in the summer and 35 degrees at night being the norm. As a result, it doesn’t feel “hot” unless it exceeds 40 degrees, and the summer in Japan is relatively comfortable. I have a variety of hobbies, but recently I’ve become obsessed with game development using a programming language called PYTHON.

Reason for joining the company

Before joining Dandelions, I worked as an English teacher and manager in Maizuru, Kyoto. In that position, I gained a lot of experience, not only teaching English, but also teaching new employees and junior employees in both English and Japanese, and managing operations. Through my work as a manager, I was also involved in schedule management, planning, and human resources, and I began to feel that this job was suitable for me in the future.

One day, a friend who works at Dandelions told me that the company was recruiting new members. After the interview, it became clear that working at Dandelions would allow me to utilize my experience and areas of expertise from my previous job. I was also attracted by the opportunity to try a technical job, so I decided to start a new career and a new life.

Impressions after joining the company

Since joining the company, I have had many wonderful experiences and acquired new skills. There are many skills I have acquired, but I would like to introduce three that are particularly important.

First, Japanese business manners and behavior. Before joining the company, I was unfamiliar with Japanese business culture and was anxious, but thanks to the careful guidance of my wonderful seniors, I learned how to exchange business cards, respond on the phone, and use honorific language correctly, and I was able to gain confidence.

Secondly, technical skills. After joining the company, I greatly improved my IT-related skills. For example, I learned web development technology and was able to be involved in building the company’s website. I also learned the application of programming and the basics of IT, and acquired skills that can be used in the industry.

In addition, my teaching skills have also improved. I work as a lecturer in the Learning Enterprise division. Before starting classes, I received a lot of training, and by actually participating in practice classes and lecturer training within the company, I was able to improve my abilities as a lecturer.

Not only did I acquire skills, but I also had many great experiences. I feel rewarded by being able to work in a great workplace every day and working with great colleagues. In addition to work, there are also many fun activities such as drinking parties and karaoke with all the employees, which are precious memories.

I feel really glad that I joined this company. I will continue to put in even more effort.